This is mine, Dmitry Miroshnikov, series of images that was commended on TPOTY competition (Travel Photographer of the Year). The overall theme of the images is "Another World".

It was very interesting task to select just 6 of my images to make a good set - they have to support each other and have a logic in the order of them. The funny thing is that overall idea of this set is Star Wars theme. My girlfriend Elena helped me to figure that out - to choose theme and most appropriate photographs. The opening photo of this set is that picture with hammerheads - they look like Empire star destroyers coming.

Travel Photographer of the Year showcases the diverse world of travel photography and this is clearly evident from this year's gallery. Among the winners are some which are beautiful, some thought-provoking, some gritty or poignant, some controversial. All were taken by talented photographers - amateur, semi-professional and professional. The winning images from Travel Photographer of the Year 2012 are displayed below and will be exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in London from 12th July to 18th August 2013.

About Another World categorie:  Telling a story in pictures is an important skill for any professional or aspiring professional photographer. It is much harder than it sounds, but is the basis of any portfolio or commission brief and is essential to the success of both a shoot and a career in photography. Tell the story of a place or culture which is alien to you in a portfolio of six (6) related images. Think of this as a kind of travelogue in pictures and a way to convey your impressions and observations of a place or culture which is different from your own, and create a visual travel article, illustrated without words. With only six images you must make every one count so make sure that each image tells a different part of the same story. Extended captions may be provided to supplement the images but this category will be judged only on the pictures.
"Trinity". Hammerhead sharks. Cocos island, Costa-Rica.
"Borderguard". Eagle ray and shoal of fish. Maldives.
"Quest for food". Boobies. Cocos island, Costa-Rica.
"Bait-ball". Common dolphin and sardines. Port St.Johns, South Africa.
"The Empire of Colour". Cape gannets and sardines. Port St. Johns, South Africa.
"Surrealistic Run". Dusky sharks, common dolphins, cape gannets, sardines. Port St. Johns, South Africa.
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